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Logo and Brand Identity Design.

PersonalityTalk is an institution engaged in training, coaching, and consulting services in the field of psychology.

Founded in 2014, Alhamdulillah, PersonalityTalk has helped many people solve problems regarding family life, career, and business. With experienced mentors in their fields, PersonalityTalk is trusted to be a medium for learning psychology students, HR practitioners, psychologists, teachers, lecturers, NLP practitioners, hypnotherapists, and parents who want to learn both theory and practice.

Website: www.psikologanda.com


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Personality Talk Rebranding Project

This project includes logo design and brand identity. The old Personality Talk logo is actually very simple and quite functional. The downside is that it’s less unique. Only the bubble chat symbol with the letter P in it.

The Rebranding Personality Talk concept is not far from the initial logo. Only the execution and shape are made more unique, so that it is more unique and memorable.

Personality Talk's previous logo
Proposal 1: Redesign of the logo
Proposal 1: Redesign of the logo

The Personality Talk logo concept applies a pictorial/logo symbol. The combination of the letters P and T and the form of a chat bubble In proposal 1, the letter P also functions as a chat/talk symbol. While the letter T becomes negative space inside the letter P, Actually, this is an interesting idea, and we really like it. However, the client preferred the second proposal.

In Proposal 2, the letters P and T are arranged to form a chat/talk symbol. With a layout that resembles their old logo, making symbols in the two proposals that we submit seem to be a complement to the logotype. but it can still stand alone as an icon. especially as a favicon on the website.

The output of this rebranding project is a brand identity package with a brand guidelines document. The contents of the brand guidelines for this personality talk include:

  • Detailed logo guide (application, responsive logo, color palette, typography, etc.)
  • PowerPoint template design.
  • Poster, brochure, and flyer template design.
  • Stationary design (letterhead, envelope, folder, stamp, business card)
  • Certificate design
  • Uniform design
  • Instagram design template
  • Design of an xbanner/roll banner
  • Photobooth & backdrop design
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I really enjoyed the whole project process. The team delivered designs based on actual specifications and on time. The results of the logo design and brand identity match expectations. I would definitely recommend it.
Faris Fanani

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