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Logo Design and Brand Identity. Bisa Management (now Bisa Indonesia) is a human resources development consulting company. We also act as a center for education, training, and competency testing in collaboration with various professional certification institutions (LSP) under the supervision of BNSP (National Agency for Professional Certification) for various professional schemes.

There are 3 training methods that we offer, namely: eLearning Program, Distance Learning Program (Long Distance with Zoom Meeting Application Media) and Face-to-Face Training (Face-to-Face in the Classroom).

Website: www.bisa.co.id


What we did

research & evaluate

BISA Management Project rebranding (BISA Indonesia).

This project includes logo design and brand identity (including web design).

The client for this project wants a logo with a wordmark type. With a brand personality: strong, strict, rigid, different from the current wordmark.

We started this project by teaching Wordmark, which is currently owned by BISA Management. And conducting similar business research, namely with companies in the field of human resources development consulting. Apart from being a consulting company, BISA also conducts competency tests under the BNSP (National Agency for Professional Certification).

The client’s desired color is blue. Blue is a color that many people like. It is often seen as a non-threatening color, so it seems conservative and traditional. The blue color is reminiscent of calm, a sign of stability and reliability. Blue is calming and inspiring.

From the research development of the BISA logo design, we created a design direction for the BISA identity. A simple but clear design with a philosophy that fits the character and vision of BISA Management.

A wordmark with good readability uses a capitalized typeface with a modified letter B icon.

A wordmark containing the letter B BISA represent the letter B, the letter M, growth, and a clenched hand.In addition, the revision of the client is a modification in the letter A, making a check mark that represents competence.

The output of this rebranding project is a brand identity package with a brand guidelines document. The contents of the brand guidelines for Bisa Management include:

  • Detailed logo guide (application, responsive logo, color palette, typography, etc.)
  • PowerPoint template design.
  • Poster, brochure, and flyer template design.
  • Stationary design (letterhead, envelope, folder, stamp, business card)
  • Certificate design
  • Uniform design
  • Instagram design template
  • Design of an xbanner/roll banner
  • Photobooth & backdrop design
  • Display design for a website
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I really enjoyed the whole project process. The team delivered designs based on actual specifications and on time. The results of the logo design and brand identity that match expectations. Web design is also as expected. Would definitely recommend!
Faris Fanani

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