Digital Marketing

Why Online Marketing?

The advancement of the internet is the background of the booming era of marketing through digital media which is now known as “Digital Marketing”. By taking advantage of the opportunities of the very large and increasing number of internet users.

Digital Marketing reaches more potential consumers at a lower cost than conventional marketing.



Why digital marketing?
1. Internet Users in Indonesia Reach More than 50%
2. People Average 4-8 hours Per Day Accessing the Internet
3. More Efficient Digital Marketing Advertising Costs
4. Digital Marketing Increase Turnover Up to 5-10 Times
5. Internet Provides Convenience To Customers
6. Attractive and Disguised Digital “Advertising”
7. Free to Manage a Marketing Budget
8. Companies and Governments Using Digital Marketing

Our Digital Marketing Services


Social Media Branding

Social media is one of the bridges of your communication with consumers. Of course, with good and proper visualization on your social media account it will increase the interest of potential consumers with the products or services you offer.
Do you want your IG appearance to be attractive, not boring and in accordance with your brand?
The visualization is in accordance with the target market?


Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing (facebook and instagram ads)  is the activity of marketing products or services using social media platforms. Apart from search engines, consumers also tend to look for various products and services they need through social media. So coming to consumers and interacting with them through social media platforms has a big impact on business development.


Search Engine Marketing (Goole Ads)

Search engine marketing (SEM) is a form of marketing on the internet to increase website visibility on search engine result pages through website promotion activities. Or in other words “buying” traffic by paying search engines like Google.

This strategy is quite effective because now many search engines are accessed by the public, both to find information on products or services and their reviews. By using an SEM strategy, marketers can increase the likelihood that potential customers visit a business website when they are looking for information.

Instagram feed design

The Instagram feed is like a storefront for your store. With our professional design services, make your business social media more optimal. What can we do for you? Design feeds, captions, targeted hashtags, bio optimization, and much more.



Your Question and the answer

We will design your Instagram feed / post, so that it looks more attractive and of course it is tailored to your brand, be it color, design style, your target market.

We help market you through Instagram ads and Facebook ads, so that your service information reaches more people. This service is more optimal if your Instagram account has been managed optimally. We can help with that.

We will advertise your products / services through Google Ads, so that your ads appear on Google Search and other Google networks.

Can be read in the explanation above. Besides, this ad is targeted according to your market segmentation. You can determine who will receive your ad so that the funds spent are more efficient and effective.

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